We provide a full service to help our customers to achieve the certificate of compliance according to the chosen ISO standard (e.g. ISO 9001). Our projects usually contain specific targets in terms of time for achieving the certificate and costs.

In particular we provide consultancy on these ISO standard:

  • Quality ISO 9001
  • Automotive IATF 16949
  • Environment ISO 14001 - EMAS
  • Health and safety OHSAS 18001 - ISO 45001
  • Medical devices - ISO 13485 - ISO 14971
  • ICT security - ISO/IEC 27001

Our consultancy's steps usually are:

  • Initial Analysis;
  • Identification of business processes, their interactions and measures;
  • Drawing up procedures and quality records;
  • Raising staff awareness concerning the use of quality documentation;
  • Internal auditing (with qualified auditors);
  • Relationship with the certification body.

We contractually guarantee:

  • Certification project control;
  • Corrective actions following the certification body audit.

We strongly believe that the ISO 9001 compliance is not just a document for your customers, rather a useful vehicle to improve your business.
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