Industry 4.0 is a quite new industrial policy born in Germany but now applied by many other countries, also Italy. It will be the new challenge for the next 10 years. Industry 4.0 is usually proposed as a system based on robotics, super automation and internet. It is actually based on a quick change by companies in project design, development, production, service, logistics and supply-chain.

Industry 4.0 can be considered as a strong integration, based on ICT and automation, of horizontal and vertical company processes; in particular to gain a real Industry 4.0 you need to develop:

  • Internet of things (every machine, instrument, computer, device has its own IP address and communicate with each other);
  • Quick planning based on simulations (e.g. Additive Manufaturing);
  • MES, MRP, ERP software integrated with Internet of Things and smart devices;
  • Automation and robotics;
  • Automated integrated logistics (e.g. AGV and AS/RS warehouse);
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance based on sensor and automation;
  • Cloud;
  • Big data (Analysis and management of huge data-base made of petabytes = 1000 terabytes of gathered data for both marketplace and plant;
  • Cyber security.

Chiarini & Associati's Industry 4.0 approach is based on:

  • Initial gap analysis on business development/integration chances;
  • Big data analysis and management in the relationship between customers and internal processes;
  • Six Sigma for Big data;
  • Analysis and planning of integration among productive and logistics processes;
  • Creation af the continuous material-flow through Lean instruments;
  • Analysis of machine parameters preventive and predictive maintenance system planning;
  • Agile techniques for Design Management processes;
  • Selection and relationship between the different ICT/Automation vendors;
  • Quality management system ISO/IEC 27001.